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            About Priest Lake, Idaho

               Priest Lake Historical Information

   Priest Lake in northern Idaho was first named Kaniksu, an
   American Indian word meaning “black robe” that refers to
   Father Peter John DeSmet and other Catholic priests who
   explored the area in the mid-1800s. DeSmet was known
   as“great black robe” and enjoyed great respect among
   many tribes in the Northwest.

                           Priest Lake Today

   Priest Lake is an exceptionally clean, clear deep water
   lake with nearly 80 miles of shoreline. This 23,000 surface
   acre azure lake lies beneath the Selkirk Mountains a
   beautiful wilderness area. It's breathtaking scenery is
   limited only by the horizon.

   Priest Lake is an unforgetable experience and fantastic for
   a day of uncrowded boating.
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